Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This week's theme for me seems to be clean.

It started Sunday with carpet cleaning. I needed to clean the carpets desperately. Being cheap, I wanted to borrow some one's machine versus renting one myself or having a professional service come in. Ironically, my neighbors had the same idea except they aren't as cheap as me so they rented one from the grocery store. They were very kind and generous and let me borrow the machine before it had to be returned the next day. Thanks Dana and Ed!

Having clean carpet which made the house look A LOT better, I started the house cleaning. This carried over into Monday when I finally finished. I love when the house is clean and I have the feeling of accomplishment by cleaning it myself (versus having my cleaning lady, Marta come in which I absolutely love doing but can't afford).

Today I had a dentist appointment to have my teeth cleaned. Again, I can't really afford it right now but I know how important my health is so I went anyway. I got a good report and came out with clean teeth; another good feeling. Then it was onto Jiffy Lube to get the car's oil changed and ending with a much needed car wash. Boy was it needed, she was caked on with dirt and grim that had been there for a least two months! Looking at my car after it came out of the wash, I realized how nice and new it looked. A good cleaning can really give you a refreshed outlook on things, whether it be the car, the dog or a hot shower after a full day of activity.

I've decided I am going to continue this clean theme. I'm going to clean out the office so we can walk in there again. I am going to clean out the house by donating items and having a very large garage sale. I am cleaning out my mind and soul each day to make room for the good stuff. The refreshed ideas and ways. I going to work on cleaning up some of my down falls: procrastination, over emotional, over analyzing, taking things too personal among many others.

The more I think about it, clean is all around us. Making a clean break from a bad relationship or situation. An addict becoming clean from the addiction. A person cleaning up their act to make good on their best qualities in life. Cleaning up the clutter; physical and mental.

I'm coming clean with you and admitting I've missed writing, a lot and hope I can continue this cleanliness in my life.

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Julie Lutes said...

Love it Robyn! Very inspiring to to clean out and clean up. I am getting started right now.