Saturday, January 31, 2009

I believe . . .

I just wanted to document all the things I've been thinking about lately, which is a lot. When your life is changing, you really start thinking about things. Like what you want in life, what you need and what you believe in. These are some of the things I believe in.

I believe I was complete as a woman when my children were born.
I believe the love of a child is irreplaceable.
I believe in true love despite my current situation.
I believe all things happen for a reason.
I believe that there is good in EVERYONE.
I believe angels do exist and watch over us.
I believe people do change over time and not always for the better.
I believe there is a God.
I believe you are never too old to make a change in your life.
I believe in karma and sometimes payback can be a bitch (really hoping this one is true!)
I believe all things are possible.
I believe we can all learn from one another if we just open our hearts & minds and listen.
I believe a child's innocence is a precious thing.
I believe we are all stronger than we think.
I believe we can get through anything with the love and support of family & friends.
I believe everyone wants to be loved.
I believe the love of an animal is enough to melt your heart.
I believe we can overcome our fears if our minds are strong enough.
I believe you can have a soul mate who isn't your spouse/lover but your friend.
I believe I will continue to meet special people who will touch my life until I die.
I believe in Santa Claus!

What do you believe in?