Saturday, January 17, 2009


When God created life, he blessed us all with very special people - FRIENDS!

I've always been a social person. I need people in my life. My family is a core that will never be shattered but I have a small family that has gotten even smaller over the last year with my dad passing on and my sweet baby girl (dog that is) Jackie. Family are the people you know will always be with you even if only in your heart. But friends, well friends are the topping on the cake. The protective layer around the core. All the sayings are true; Friends are our chosen family. Some people come into our lives for a reason. Some come and go but the true ones stick.

I have been truly blessed with a large network of friends. Each and everyone I call my friend has probably helped me or touched me in the last year in some way. Some of my friends I've had for a very long time, since elementary school. Some have come into my life later after my kids were born. Others have been there all along but maybe were just "on a break" but have come through big time in my times of need (which have been often lately!) :)

I am constantly reminded of what it means to be a friend by my friends. Maybe a phone call or an invitation to lunch. Accepting me into their home in a moments notice to share dinner, great coffee and some fun & games when it's needed the most. A hug, a text, a supportive e-mail even after a day of selfishness on my part. All of my friends have shown me how strong they are in their own way. Some may be single moms making it on their own. Some, dedicated wives/husbands and mothers/fathers with their priorities in place. Working people making their lives better for themselves and their families. Friends that have come through heartache and illness. Everyone is an inspiration if you look for it.

I have some people in my life right now that have disappointed me as well. People I thought were my friends but haven't shown me the kindness I'd expect of them. I thought I was that kind of friend to them but maybe their definition of friend is different from mine. I will always love these people but can't waste my time and heart on wishing they'd be something they are not. Maybe they are just "on a break" right now and might come back to be that person I choose to have in my life. I hope I'll be able to forgive and forget and accept what they are willing to offer.

I hope you all are reading this and knowing I am talking about YOU!! There are too many to list but your names are imprinted on my heart and keep it warm and protected during the cold and hard times life throws at us. I hope I am the kind of friend you need in your life and can continue to grow and learn to be the best I can be for you and for myself too.

I thank you all for everything you have given to me throughout my life and into the years to come!

Much love & gratitude -
Robyn :)