Thursday, February 5, 2009

The tough gets tougher

Waves come in all sizes and speeds, that is how my emotions seem to be these past few days. If I thought the last couple of months were hard, I was wrong. The last couple of weeks have been even harder emotionally. Before, I found it easy to hide my anger, now I am finding it very hard to hide my other emotions that have come to the surface. I am sad, frustrated, scared, hurt, jealous, insecure, stressed and did I mention angry? It is so much harder to deal with this stage of the game.

I am disappointed in myself. I really want to be strong, especially for my kids and for myself. Up until now it's been easier to fuel my strength with my anger. Now I feel so much more vulnerable and unstable. I get frustrated so easy!!! I am sad and jealous when the kids want to spend time with their dad or call him (what seems like constantly) when he isn't with them. I feel like a five year old getting jealous or getting my feelings hurt cause they the kids are acting like they don't need me, which I know isn't true. I find myself getting upset and not being there to support my kids during this difficult time. They need me to be strong and be there for them as they go through these changes. How selfish of me to get so wrapped up in my emotions!

I know if I can get through this, I will be stronger but I need to find a new source of strength to power through to the finish line. I am definitely letting my kids down as well as myself. But how do I not let the reality of the situation get the best of me? I can't let it, there really isn't any other choice.


Helene said...

Robyn, call me. Let's talk...I've been there! Helene 263-0535

Anonymous said...

Robyn...I've loved you since second'll get through know what I believe...there is the True source of comfort waiting...Jo