Sunday, February 15, 2009

Music & Life

Music has always been a big part of my life. For many of us its a part of our daily lives. Some are gifted enough to make music with their voices, words, instruments. Others of us just listen with our ears and absorb music for whatever purpose suits us at the time. Maybe for comfort, companionship, relief, relaxation. I bet if I asked 50 people what music means to them and what it does for them, I'd give 50 different answers.

I've always enjoyed good songwriting and been envious of those who have that gift of putting their thoughts down on paper and putting them together with music creating song. I'd love to write songs but don't have a musical bone in my body so I'll just keep enjoying what those with the talent can give to us.

Much like the path we take to find our true selves, I think we must truly experience life before we can appreciate what some messages mean in songs. I might have heard a song in the past and really liked it but not truly felt the words, experienced them in my life. I feel with my recent life lessons, I have learned to really appreciate some songs more than I ever did. I can relate so much more now to the songs that speak of heartache and pain. There seem to be a million more out there that I never realized before. Through my hardships, I have become even more appreciative and "in tune" with the meaning of the words to some of my favorite songs. What a wonderful world of music we have to get lost in.

I hope someday to reconnect with the songs I once loved and related to about love, trust, honesty, real attraction and contentment. I know that someday will come but for now I'll stick with my songs of pain and heartache to help me release what is inside my heart and soul to cleanse and refresh.

Thank you to all that create something beautiful in our world.

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