Saturday, August 9, 2008

Heaven Has A New Angel

Do you believe in angels?

I do and always have. I never thought twice that angels existed in Heaven. I couldn't imagine how God could handle everything He has to handle alone so I've always envisioned Him assigning angels to each and every one of us to help Him watch over us. I know I've always had angels watching over me. My first angel perhaps was my mom's mother Ruth whom I never met. She died before I was born. Or maybe my dad's father? Or maybe God assigns angels to us based on something else. No matter how we get our angels, my life has always felt blessed and that I've been watched over. I often pondered the saying "God doesn't give us anything we can't handle." I once told my cousin Karen that I must not be very strong because God hadn't given me anything hard to handle. My life has been good and fairly easy for me. Perhaps that is because I've had angels watching over me.

Now I know I have another angel up above that will watch over me more than any other. Although I feel my dad is still here with me, his love and spirit feels strong in my heart, I also know he is up there in Heaven looking out for me and my family. Sometimes it's the little things. One thing I have been feeling since my dad passed away is guilt when I am having a good time or having fun. I still feel like I shouldn't be enjoying myself and that I need to be visiting with him. Of course that isn't possible and I know that but I have to stop myself to remind myself of that. Just Friday we were going to Hurricane Harbor with my best friend Krysti and her kids. We had made the plans a while ago and were really looking forward to it. We bought our tickets online to eliminate standing in line and they were $5 cheaper too! Cool. We drove in one car to save on parking. Krysti drove down and got us in an aisle where most of the spots we already taken. We drove and we going to have to backtrack to the area that cars were coming into when we saw an open spot close to the aisle where we had to walk to the park entrance. My dad was looking out for us. My mom insists she has a parking angel. She probably does. Once we got to the park entrance there was a line to go through security. The line that was open was for no backpacks, purses, etc. which of course we had so we got into one of the other longer lines. The no bag line cleared out and the attendant motioned us forward even though we had bags. Daddy strikes again. Finally, and this one is big. We walked up to the turnstiles and I handed the attendant our tickets that we had printed at home. I said there was six of us and as she counted the papers, it became clear that we only had five tickets. She counted again and there were only five tickets. Krysti was distraught thinking she forgot to print or bring one of the tickets. But instead of the attendant sending us back to the ticket booth to buy another ticket, she let us in. She said it was okay and let us go anyway. That was both my dad looking out for us and that woman being an angel herself. I picture my dad whispering in her ear "it's okay, let them pass." I also know it was my dad telling me to have a good time. To enjoy my life with my kids and my wonderful friends. I hope he went on the rides with us too because we had so much fun!

I also know there are angels here on Earth. Angels among us because they surround me every day in the form of my friends. Maybe we are angels in training while we are here on Earth and earning our wings for when we reach Heaven. It doesn't really matter to me. I am just thankful for them all. All the ones sent to watch over me and my family and I hope I can be one to others on this Earth and in Heaven someday.

Be happy and loved.

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Marina said...

My Dear Robyn - I just wanted to share with you a poem that crossed my path one year ago and when I think about your Dad - I think of this poem again -

"God saw that you were getting tired,
And a cure was not to be;
So He picked you up in His arms
And whispered, "Come with Me".
With tearful eyes we watched you suffer
And watched you fade away;
Although we loved you dearly,
We couldn't make you stay.
A heart of gold stopped beating.
Your tired eyes laid to rest;
God broke our hearts to prove it,
He only takes the best."

I look forward to seeing you Saturday and getting and giving a big hug. xoxo, marina