Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day!!

The 4th of July, what an important day in the history of America. The day the Declaration of Independence was signed. I'm not much of a history buff so I'll spare the history recap for another post.

On this Independence day, I am declaring it my Independence day!! This is my time to truly find myself and be the person, the woman I've always wanted to be. As I step further and further away from a marriage that wasn't what I thought it was, I see that I am actually capable of becoming whomever I want to be, on my own. I don't need a man, as a husband or a boyfriend to complete me and make me feel whole. I know I want someone in my life again that will help me live through this life as a companion but I don't have to have one to survive.

As I am forced to deal with situations I wouldn't want to see myself in; like not being with my kids on our first 4th of July since the split, I also find that I can deal with it. I was sad to not have my kids by my side today as we swam and enjoyed good company and food at my best friend Krysti's house. I was sad that I couldn't experience the fireworks with them and see their faces light up with fascination. But there will be more fireworks and more years to enjoy them and I know I'll cherish those times together even more now that I know what it feels like to be without them.

Here's to freedom!!

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